Thursday, May 22, 2008


I posted over at Glow In the Woods today. About Guts. Your guess as to what I mean by guts:

1) the kind that hang over one's my waistband

2) the stuff that oozes out with blood in scary war footage

3) the stuff that makes you brave

4) the tiny voices from within. What, you don't have these?


Carole said...

Ah yes...but the voices have some really cool ideas sometimes. :)

mrsgingergrl said...

I read your post at GITW and oh... yeah, it was amazing. We too took our baby off life support, at CHoP. We have those same footprints you have probably. I am trying not to torture myself over did we do the right thing, from taking him off the vent all the way to did i hold him long enough after he died.... so thank you for this. It helps me feel more like, I did the best I could.

Searching said...

Will pop on over there. To me, guts are things that spill out. Like puking your guts up. Guts hanging out when they slice you open. Spilling your guts and telling someone your life story. I like the word guts.