Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Best Day Ever

So apparently some blog platforms have a place in their stats section where it conveniently tells you on what day you had the most traffic. I have yet to figure this out in Blogger -- clearly not so obvious. But, in other platforms, not only is it obvious, it's um, very poorly worded. Instead of saying something innocuous like "Most Traffic:" followed by a day, or "Date of Most page hits" it says


And let's face it, for blogs of this nature, or any number of other natures I could dream up, I'd be willing to guess the day with most hits does not remotely qualify for what "Best Day Ever" implies. They might as well have a little smiley guy blowing a horn with some confetti and balloons over the text.

As you can imagine by this point in the conversation, someone had their worst day ever, got a bazillion page hits by people tuning in and leaving condolence messages and looking for updates, and now blogger platform thinks this day is a reason to decorate and buy cupcakes. Every time A.M.S. at Our Own Creation checks her stats, she's greeted with this slap in the face: a chipper acknowledgment followed by a series of numbers which for her will always be the day she lost Sweet Zoë. Oh, and by the way, the same incongruity appears on Sweet Zoë's page, too.

So here's what we're gonna do: Make today, May 29, A.M.S.'s "Best Day Ever!" All you have to do is click. That's it. You don't have to read, you don't have to comment. Just click here, or on the tree picture on the upper right side of this blog, and that's it. Oh, and while you're there, please click over to Sweet Zoe's site too. And then tell your friends. All of them. If you don't want them to know about you and your weblife, send them here ("so I stumbled across this blog . . . ") and tell them to look for the icon on the top right.

And because her website runs on GMT (really, could this blog platform make things even more convoluted?), that means we here have from 8:00 PM Eastern, Wednesday, 5/28 through 8:00 P.M. Eastern, Thursday, 5/29.

Click it. We need a lot of clicks. Because "The Best Day Ever!" should be reserved for, you know, the best day. Like the funny absorbent angular guy says.


Beruriah said...

Did it. I'll do it a few times, and tell other folks too. Thanks Tash for letting us know.

Antigone said...

I need to stay in one place for awhile. I couldn't remember what timezone I was in.

STE said...

Thanks for the reminder...

I have nominated you for a pink rose award for all you do for me, and for this community. Thanks, Tash!

MsPrufrock said...

Ah yes, thanks for the reminder. I'm off to click.