Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Ashes, Boxes, and Stones

I love writing for GITW, but truly one of the most incongruous things I've had to write was the recent article on "funeral planning for a baby" while looking at and listening to the little fat fusspot in the seat beside me.

I'm not sure whether I was tempting fate or that dirty diaper was a big ol' F-you sign to the reaper and his minions.

In any case, we thought it would be helpful for those who find us from the hospital (and many do, sadly) to have a permanent article up on Funeral Planning. I know this is one of those painful memory kinda things for many of you, but if you get time and have the inclination, could you please go add your experience over there, too? Someone will surely come along and read it, and read your words, and think, "Well there, her. That's me exactly." And someone will feel less alone in this whole ugly process.

We have a new permanent article up today at Glow In The Woods.