Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day IM

me: sup

: not much

me: so tell me if I should be insulted

Julia: haha

me: usually MIL sends a bazillion $ of gifts to Bella, something nice to [Mr. ABF], and a $10 something to me
so this year
Bella = bazillion $ of stuff
[Mr. ABF] = Kindle
Me = nothing

Julia: nice
why do you still talk to the old hag?
and what does [Mr. ABF] say?

I don't
hence = no present
I don't think [Mr. ABF] noticed
and I really don't want to fuck up anything he's got going there
I've sorta written the whole IL thing off as Not My Problem unless they do something to my husband or child

Julia: same here re:ILs

me: great relationship, eh

:: snip ::

so get this
I asked my mom for PJs
me: exciting right?

Julia: it can be :)

me: and of all the millions of PJs she could've bought me
including those
she got me a pair of

wait for it

Julia: waiting

me: "Life is Good" Pj's

Julia: oh no

me: Bwahahahahahaha
sign of the apocalypse

Julia: well... ok... thinking broadly
if you get to spend the whole day in them

me: I'm so blogging this

Julia: with noone to bug you
endless supply of wine and coffee

me: yeah like that will ever happen

Julia: than maybe, on the microcosm level

me: it's all relative I suppose
Life will be good if they actually fit
I need to focus
I should go do something
I haven't showered yet

Julia: i just did

me: and people are showing up starting in 30

Julia: oy

me: running

Julia: ttyl


Val said...

I wish I could cultivate that kind of laissez-faire attitude:
"I've sorta written the whole IL thing off as Not My Problem unless they do something to my husband or child"
Unfortunately I get too wrapped up in the "Everyone Must Like Me", grovel & beg category...

Which Box said...

I try to have that attitude. And it mostly works. But if there was no present for me....I'd be hurt. It still hurts.

Stupid in-laws.

missing_one said...

aw geez! Good thing we've learned not to expect anything anymore. Glad you survived!

I think the pjs can be especially snarky when wore while very grumpy.

k@lakly said...

On the last Christmas we had when we were still talking to my IL's they sent the husband a check for $100 and me one for $50. The message was loud and clear...
I guess since we share the same bank account it didn't matter to us really, but it did.
Hope the jammies fit and you had plenty of time for wine, lots of it.

c. said...

My ILs apparently haven't read my distaste for them. In fact, I think they like me even more than dh sometimes. I know dh's dad does.

That's awful re: MIL. Awful. Dh should say something. I know you've written the whole IL thing off. It's just the principal of it all. And the very obvious passive aggressive message it sends.

And those freakin' jammies. Burn 'em, I say.

charmedgirl said...

my god...we all just want to be alone, unshowered, in pjs, with wine coffee and chocolate and stuff...and sit on the computer. HA!

the in-laws...that's so stupid. who does that? who sends everyone a gift and leaves out one fucking person? i'll tell you who: an asshole. not that i would even care and i'm know you didn't need a $10 piece of shit...but it does just so totally scream ASSHOLE!

charmedgirl said...

i'm know..hahaha

niobe said...

I actually prefer it when my family doesn't get me any presents. Which is usually. By which I mean always.

(though if they took it into their heads to send me large sums of cash, I'd be quite pleased)

Amy said...

An optomistic Mom and hateful IL's what more could a girl ask for?? Hahaha!

Hope it was an enjoyable day and you ate, drank, and pretended to be merry!

Antigone said...

Last Christmas SIL sent a large box full of presents addressed to 'Uncle Jekyll', one church fair purchased tea towel for me, and a letter addressed solely to me stating that I'd better remember to send a Thank You note.

My IL's were heinous. I really didn't know what to do with myself this year without any hostile gift giving.

Kristin (kekis) said...

I'd like to have my BCMIL euthanized (bc = batcrazy), but I can't find a vet in her area to do it. My DH is busting his ass to deal with batcrazyness, and what does he get for Christmas? Underwear and shave gel. Me, the one who doesn't do a THING for the nutcase, what do I get? Kate Spade. A credit card wallet, a clutch, and a (get this) diaper bag. Wonder how much I'll get for those bad boys? Probably a hella lot more than DH would get for his panties and shave cream.

JW Moxie said...

What Charmy said.

Natalie said...

LOL! The PJs just made me laugh. Sometimes parents just get it alllll wrong.

The ILs.... well screw them!