Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hey There

Google analytics is a fucking hoot. Hello reader(s) from Japan, Spain, Germany, Australia, and of course North America! (Oh, and I think someone from Slovakia, but Analytics is just reading you as "Germany." Sorry 'bout that.) God bless the internet.

My favorite thing though, is checking the terms people googled that led them to click on my site. I apologize to the person who was clearly searching for some medical remedy for a cat's gallstone problem (hope s/he's ok), and the person who also adores the grandin road Halloween catalogue (oops, probably just snagged a few more decorators into my literally literal web of death). (By the way, too much to have the grim reaper mannequin on my porch this year? Too -- how shall we say -- overt?) But to the person who googled the following:

"The Baby Whisperer Bullshit"

I really, really, really want to meet you. Hope I didn't scare you off.

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