Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Mouth Off

Thank you, so much, Steve Kerr, for completely fucking up my NBA team, leaving me with a month of nothing to watch on television. In what has to be the biggest demonstration of "eat me" ever witnessed by a General Manager toward his team's fan base, Kerr answered all the Sun's fans who had been clamoring for a real center for three decades by bringing in . . . . this.

Yes, what the fastest, quickest, most lively, most entertaining and fun team in the entire NBA needs is a 38-year old behemoth to grind things to a halt. Oh, and he can't shoot free throws, either. (And I just checked -- Kurt Rambis and Tom Chambers couldn't hit the bucket from a dead stop either, but at least they didn't get in the way.) So now that he's taken my team, which used to be a pretty, shiny fast sports car and turned it into a giant Escalade putzing in the right-hand lane, he's now about to part ways with the coach who turned them into a sports car in the first place. Which is all begging the question why we thought it was a good idea to entrust this team with a former Chicago Bull in the first place.

Anyone get Euro Cup soccer on Fox? Worth the money?

Jeremy Sisto on L&O -- worth the visit?


Thanks for all the comments on the last. I told Mr. ABF I feel like we're no longer at square zero, but have made the quantum leap to step one: conflicting information, half of which sounds somewhat reasonable. (Well, "reasonable" to those of us with a really demented view of "reasonable.") I'm weighing a lot of risk/reward options in my head, and contemplating shelling out of pocket (because my insurance doesn't cover IF) (in fact, in order to cover pregnancy, you need to tell them two months in advance of being so and start paying a premium then -- which I think pretty much discriminates against infertiles, the reckless, and Catholics, and well . . . ok, everyone except those who can time these things on a dime) to see an RE simply to see where things stand now. Which sounds like a colossal waste of money -- doesn't one see an RE you know, to get pregnant? Which I might want to do, but there are a lot of "it depends" still hanging out there. But I at least feel I may (may) be brave enough to make that phone call and answer some of those. And see what they tell me about things like clotting disorders (thank you) and so forth. Oh, and if I have any genetic material left to begin with. Which might put us back to the zero square again. But you know, one forward, two back -- right off the cliff. Will let you know. Simply dragging my ass in for an annual might be a good place to start, no?


Because Max was jealous of all the Buddy props, and because I'm an equal opportunity doggie mama who thinks BOTH her boys are photogenic lovelies, here's Max -- the border/golden mix (this is a bit old, this pic -- he's got a bit more sugar around the lips now. Same cute ears):


Lisa b said...

Euro Cup soccer is totally worth it.
I'm sorry about your team but they may have done you a favour, Football is the way.

Aurelia said...

An annual would be good sweetie...mommies count to, and you need to take care of your health, regardless of what happens next.

kate said...

Both of your dogs are adorable!

Which is about all i have useful to say. But i wanted you to know i was back reading blogs, and i have read your recent posts, though i have nothing constructive to add. Your IL's are sure something. Bizarro.

Aunt Becky said...


Which Box said...

DirectTV Sports package. An extra $10 a month, but tons of channels, and all the international sports you can handle.

I was thinking about you and my cliff comment yesterday. It's really more like cliff diving, isn't it? Total free fall, where the ending might be this glorious burst of beautiful warm blue water with rainbows and dolphins circling round, or, crushed to death on the rocks.

Um, I know, cheery. Sorry. I did my first visit to the RE as a consult and it was fine. There are still many baby steps before you get to the edge of the cliff.....

Busted said...

Having not paid attention to sports since 1998, I can't address your first concern...but your puppy is gorgeous!

Amy said...

Beautiful Pooch, I love puppies!

As for the! You need to take care of you!

Sorry about your sport! I can't help you there...don't even have a good comment!

Melinda said...

Oh my God - WORD on the Shaq hate. The Suns were my team and Nash was my boyfriend, but the Diesel had to come between us. I cannot in good conscience root for a team with that guy on it. No way.

And also? I think that every time he misses a free throw, he should have to give $ back to the league, or to charity. Because when you get paid millions to shoot baskets, and you can't even make an unguarded shot with the word "free" in its name, you owe somebody something.

That is all.

Hennifer said...

I just has to say that Listo on L&O was worth the visit with Jesse Martin to bang but not so sure now they've thrown him out.

I know nothing about sports, feel for you with all the what ifs/if nots and think you have adorable dawgs!

I loved how our spaniel/lab mix got more powdered sugar as she aged

Searching said...

He's a cutie too! An annual sounds like a splendid idea and you can just go from there.

c. said...

Okay. That's a huge step forward. HUGE. As for getting that physical? Great idea. Should probably call and get mine done, too.

I know nothing about b-ball, but an Escalade is a pretty nice ride, no? (Ducking so I don't get hit.) Let me know when you want to talk hockey. I have a better chance at making it look like I know what I'm talking about then.

luna said...

omg, tash, you have me laughing out loud (just couldn't say lol or lmao) about your suns. wtf is right! and I can't believe they fired your coach, as if it was HIS fault. melinda's comment had me laughing too. poor steve nash. (I'm a warriors fan but I like the suns too and was cheering them on...)

and I think your max would have made a perfect boyfriend for my pup (before she died) -- they look like they could have been brother and sister. ~luna

luna said...

ok, I was just corrected about the firing of your coach. maybe soon to come?

CLC said...

We have Fox Sports- $5 a month on Com.cast. You need to be a soccer fanatic though, which my husband is.

Glad you are going for the annual. It's a big step forward. You might feel relief to get that out of the way!

Julia said...

We have that package. Loads and loads of cool games. I can't even process them all. Husband has resorted to fast forwarding through some parts.

Annual is good, as is knowing where you stand. The only thing that sucks is the part where you have to shell out for it. Bring on universal coverage!